David Stringer-Lamarre

"Reflections of the Lord Mayor' has established itself as a part of the City of London calendar. It provides an interesting insight into the life of a Lord Mayor during their year in office. The high-quality event enables people to exchange ideas and thoughts, about the City, its various institutions, the Lord Mayor's Charities and commerce. Chris Seow does a very good job of interlinking so many aspects of what the City and the Lord Mayor stand for."

David Stringer-Lamarre, Chairman, IoD City of London

Azad Ayub

“Reflections of the Lord Mayor of London” has become a regular annual event in my diary. The event gives one an opportunity to meet former Lord Mayors of the City of London and other important dignitaries who matter, and have influence in the City. The reception prior to the dinner gives one time to mingle with other guests before settling down to more conversation with guests on the table. I have met a very interesting selection of guests and enjoyed stimulating conversation. Finally, one must not forget the excellent networking possibilities that the evening offers. (Bring plenty of business cards!).

As a sponsor, I find Chris Seow and his team organise the evening brilliantly with great attention to detail. He chooses a suitable high profile venue, with good catering and plenty of space to display banners or other material. I shall certainly continue to sponsor the event.”

Azad Ayub, Founder and Managing Director, Azad Ayub Ltd

Gina McAdam

"Reflections of The Lord Mayor of London’ is a truly special event, the opportunity for those who have invested a year of their lives in the service of our great city and its professions to illuminate us on their decision to do so, and what makes them tick. I imagine that for former Lord Mayors, who on these evening tend to speak with genuine honesty and candour, it is a highly poignant and personal occasion. For us in the audience, the experience is revealing. Here is a side of some of the most influential individuals in Britain that we would not otherwise see. And the dinner and the setting are always exceptional. As the event's founder, Chris Seow has made a terrific contribution to the fabric of our city."

Gina McAdam, Marketing & Communications Consultant and Author, Freeman of the City of London

David Mills

"Royal Selangor’s continues to support the “Reflections of The Lord Mayor” as part of our ongoing commitment and partnership with non-profit organisations. We were delighted to be able to assist such a worthy cause, and the valuable charity work which the Lord Mayor’s Appeal is involved.

Associating with this socially responsible and prestigious City event provides us with a valuable platform to promote our brand, which very much echoes our values as a 130-year old family business.

I would highly recommend attending the “Reflections of the Lord Mayor” to experience this unique event of inspirational talks, engaging personal recollections, and exquisite dining which makes for an extraordinary evening"

David Mills, General Manager, Royal Selangor UK

Nick Levens

"Life’s Kitchen Ltd is immensely proud to be associated once again with the 'Reflections of The Lord Mayor' event. We typically see The Lord Mayor across each of our venues several times a year, and during their year there is always time pressure as The Lord Mayor attends numerous functions per day fulfilling a diary that is planned to the minute. It will be wonderful to play our part in this reflective event and hear some reflections in a more relaxed setting. We are really looking forward to this year's event."

Nick Levens, Managing Director, Life's Kitchen Ltd

Sarah Hinchley

"What is great of this event is that we get to come to showcase what we have done and what we have achieved."

Sarah Hinchley, Fundraising Manager, The Lord Mayor's Appeal Charity, 2016